Go-Busters vs Beet vs J English Sub

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Description / Detail

“Mame did it,” declared Kermit.

“He kept wriggling and diving under the bed,” Ted reported. “Mame couldn’t even hold him.”

“She tickles,” Kermit defended. “Will you tell us a story about the Wild West, Father?”

“Certainly not!” Edith was firm, detecting a faint sign of weakening on her husband’s face. “It’s far too late. Jump into bed quickly. Did Mame give you your tonic, Ted?”

“Yes.” He made a wry face. “I hate that gooey stuff.”

“You hate being sick, too, and the idea of not growing up as strong as the other boys,” their father reminded him.

“I hated that stuff I had to take to make my bones strong,” declared Kermit.

“You hated having to wear braces on your legs, too.” His father followed the boys into the nursery, gave each a friendly smack and tumbled them into bed. “But the braces made your legs strong enough so you can swim like the rest of us.”

“I still hate getting water in my ears,” stated Ted, pulling the covers up to his chin. “Will there be warmer bedrooms in that palace up in Albany, Father?”

“We’ll hope so—and it isn’t a palace. It’s officially called a mansion.”

“In storybooks governors always live in palaces. Does the president live in a palace in Washington?”


“No, just a big white house. You’ve seen it. You should remember.”

“I’ve seen so many places,” sighed Ted, “but I like this house best.”

“We all do. We’ll come back to it every summer,” promised Roosevelt.

The house was quiet at last but Edith Roosevelt, when they had completed the task of filling all the dangling stockings, lay awake a long time, her thoughts trying to search the future, what lay ahead for all those children. More of war and danger, more heart-racking anxiety for their mother? Perhaps it was best not to know, otherwise life would be one long torment of apprehension.