Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 29 English Sub - Part 1

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Episode 29 English Sub - Our Dreams Don't Break - TokuFun

Our Dreams Don't Break (オレたちの夢は壊れない Ore-tachi no Yume wa Kowarenai) is the twenty-ninth episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It features the full debut of RampageVulcan and the in-series full appearance of Naki. It also marks the end of the Workplace Competition arc, resulting in Gai Amatsu's acquisition of Hiden Intelligence.


The final round of the "5-Round Workplace Competition", with a referendum over the creation of a HumaGear automated city on the line, has the Rapper-Type HumaGear, MC Check It Out, suddenly leaning against Hiden Intelligence! Vulcan arrives at the scene caused by the runaway HumaGear MC Check It Out, only to find Gai speaking some difficult words to him. "Become a tool of ZAIA and defeat Zero-One". Despite Vulcan barely hearing Gai's orders, he slowly turns his sights on Zero-One...!

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